David Dezendorf

Friday night I received notice that a plane crash with two deaths happened at my old school. I checked LiveATC for recordings and determined I most certainly knew who perished due to who was making radio calls around that time on the CTAF. My mother and a couple friends text me within minutes of the fire starting too, to let me know something happened, so that didn’t help my mental state for the evening.

It has officially come out that David Dezendorf – one of the CFIs at my old school was one who died in the crash. I will not speculate or blame or anything at all on what happened, I am by no means an expert in anything related to accidents.

I really liked every interaction I had with David. When I was sitting at the FBO waiting for my main instructor Gene, we always had great conversations while he was waiting for his students. He was the CFI who completed and approved my Checkride stage checks, so I have his signature in my logbook.

This kind of has me shook a little bit and wanting to do more risk assessment. I haven’t flown in a year due to fears of being in a cockpit with an instructor and covid exposures. I also lost interest for a bit while studying for my instrument rating. I didn’t have a great experience learning from an instructor on Zoom, and got distracted with a new job around the same time as the ground school.

I’m debating on taking some more time off for a bit – sticking to simulators and such. I’m sure when I touch a yoke again next time it’ll be fine. I’m thirty-four years old, I’m in no rush to get a million hours and start a career or anything – so taking time off is really easy.

Rest in Peace David – I’m sorry to Monadnock Aviation that this happened as well.

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